BEAG Certification®

Labelling establishments

Labelling establishments with BEAG Certification®, which is  an independent body, allows to get a label exclusively based on respect for Animal Welfare.

After acceptance of the application, a visit based on specific items adapted to each type of establishment to determine the level of  technical and zootechnical facilities, the quality of  environment and care given to the animals, the training of the personnel responsible for their maintenance, the techniques for enriching the environment, the proper adaptation of  space and facilities necessary for the expression of essential behaviors of  animals.

The BEAG Certification® label is only granted to structures that meet the standards and obligations of the Specifications validated by a detailed weighting grid.

Once issued, the renewal of the label is subject to regular checks every 5 years. BEAG Certification® then ensures that the label is maintained in compliance with the award criteria or, on the contrary, its withdrawal in the event of deficiencies noted.

BEAG Certification®

Advantages of labelling

Labelling guarantees the implementation of virtuous practices with animals. It makes possible to affirm the institutional commitment to animals houhousing, in an approach to preventing the risk of mistreatment and developing Animal Well-Being.

The label commits the establishment to a threshold of competence with its tools and staff, in compliance with the recommendations of good professional conduct by displaying the logo on all its communication media.